"I have been a client of Danielle's for learning the Internal Guidance System and would thoroughly recommend her and the coaching. She is a wonderful teacher, gentle, intuitive and wise and has a respectful and well-paced approach to her teaching. I've found the sessions very calming and insightful and helping me to tap into my own inner knowing. This is a very powerful process in that it clears away stressful thoughts and reveals your own answers to problems in an easy process. This gives peace and clarity. Danielle is the real deal, she walks her talk and speaks from her own experience. She has much to offer."

Jolene Bagby
Realtor & Property Investor, Auckland NZ

"I highly recommend Internal Guidance System (IGS) Coaching with Danielle. I've found the work to be more beneficial than therapy and more empowering. Dani is an exquisite listener. She has helped me hear, understand and let go of habitual thoughts (and actions) that are harmful to my health and wellbeing. With well timed humor and compassion, she has helped me to reframe lifelong struggles in a positive light, and to understand the types of themes from my personal history that trigger stress. Of course, any good therapist will do this too. What is different, is that the sessions teach you how to trust your inner knowing. You learn to discern between strong emotions and habitual thoughts, which can lead you astray, and right action. The result is self trust versus relying on an outside authority. With Danielle's help, I am discovering that it is possible to live in a way that is less stressful, more effective and more harmonious."

Elyse Shafarman
Alexander Technique Teacher, San Francisco

"Working with Danielle brings me a clarity about being able to tune into my Internal Guidance System (IGS) that I’m not yet able to find by myself with certainty yet. She has such a light touch but invariably helps me get to the heart of the matter within a few minutes. I feel such a refreshing sense of peace and calm when I’m able to really ‘hear’ what my IGS is telling me – it’s priceless. I’m based in New Zealand and so our sessions have been online, which has made it simple and easy for me to access Danielle’s skill and expertise. I’d highly recommend working with Danielle Loesch – she has really helped me get the most out of this process."

Helen Jamieson
Writer, Mantaka NZ

"Danielle helped me to gain clarity about some issues in both my personal and professional lives. As a certified coach myself, I have had a lot of experience both being coached and coaching others, so I hold a high standard when I hire someone to coach me. Danielle did not disappoint! She is thoughtful, enthusiastic, a great listener, and an expert in using the Internal Guidance System (IGS). Danielle created a safe space for me to explore my concerns in detail and helped me to connect with my own IGS. I walked away from my coaching sessions with Danielle with greater clarity and confidence and with a greater ability to access my IGS independently. I highly recommend coaching sessions with Danielle!"

Megan Sweet
Founder and CEO, Your 3 Eyes

"Danielle has a deep, empathic and calm presence which allowed me to follow her words of guidance toward sensing my own inner wisdom. She enabled me to sense feelings within my body I had not noticed before and with this awareness I am now able to direct my life in ways that are so much more empowering. Knowing when you are open or closed to a situation is so helpful and her knowledge around the work of your Internal Guidance System is vast. If you want to become more connected to this magical system then Danielle is the perfect coach to bring you into alignment. Thank you Danielle."

Janet Melody
Coach, copywriter

"Danielle is a caring, intuitive coach with a true dedication to help her clients. With compassion and insight she can help you get to the crux of the matter in a very gentle, freeing manner. She is patient and has helped me with her astute observations, humor, caring, and wisdom. Learning about my IGS has been a freeing, joyous experience. I wholeheartedly recommend her services. She will help you break through to a happier life with less stress. "

Dana Ben-Yehuda
Alexander Technique Teacher, Mountain View CA

Somatic Therapy & Yoga Testimonials

"I found Danielle's classes at an especially stressful time in my life, and have found deep healing and nourishment from them. I enjoy the simple and meditative postures, and I love the gentle adjustments she gives me, which make it so much easier to fall into a relaxing state. Yoga with Danielle is a treat – her sweet and gentle nature lends itself to the safe space she creates, a place where I can really become aware of tension and holding, and let go. No matter how tumultuous life feels, I am calm and grounded afterwards! This helped me to see how possible it is for me to find peace within myself, which encourages me to create more opportunities for peace in my daily life."

Kelly Murray
Yoga Teacher, Tel Aviv

"Danielle is a gifted practitioner. She truly has a healing touch, great sensitivity, and compassion in her hands. She is very intelligent and respectful, and my sessions with her have been extremely helpful. The pain relief, clarity, and emotional ease she has helped me to experience are miraculous."

Jandy Bergman
Feldenkrais Practitioner, Blue Lake

"Danielle's movement classes made me feel wonderful. Nothing we did was challenging but all together, renewal happened."

Jane Wilson
Retired, Arcata

"I have found Danielle to be a sincere and sensitive practitioner. She has an open mind and heart and listens to my feedback during the sessions. I felt more relaxed and present. I felt cared for. Thanks."

Laura Guldin
Retired, Arcata

"Danielle is very gentle, very thorough, very humorous, very loving, very informative, very helpful, very serious about the practice. The times spent in her classes are lovely, serene, spiritual. I look forward to taking many more from her when she passes this way again. Much love, and thank you for everything."

Cris Wilson
Teacher, Fortuna

"Life is good again. [After a yoga therapy session]"

Sandra Amiel
University Administrator & Yoga Teacher, Arcata

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